October 2nd marks the 18th birthday of my most unexpected and treasured Christmas gift of all, my two Bengal brothers, Tigger and Zoomer. I waited to today to write the memorial for my little trouble-maker, Zoomer, as his loss is still as much of a shock as was my boys’ entry into my life almost 18 years ago. Only now, a month after our last heart-wrenching goodbye, can I truly appreciate how much Zoomer filled my world with his endlessly energetic and affectionate personality. He was literally named since he shot straight up and zoomed out of the room when the breeder tried to place him in a carrier, like a character out of a cartoon! “Oh, that guy is definitely a Zoomer” I thought and so he remained, until the last 2 months of his life. The cancer that claimed his equally affectionate and beloved brother Tigger 5 years ago reared its ugly head with my precious little guy and stole the “Zoom” out of all our lives. I now treasure all the more every moment of mayhem and the endless chatter that my Bengal boys brought into my home. I imagine my Tiggie Bear greeted his cat with much grooming, wondering why he took so long and also why he still can’t stop meowing! The Rainbow Bridge won’t quite be the same with this duo, aptly named “Double Trouble” by their first vet. Much appreciation to Walden Animal Hospital and Memorial Gardens for guiding us through our final journeys together.

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