True Love was her name
True love can not be lost it is with me every day
I met you as a tiny pup I knew it right away that my heart was yours forever
And if you love me just as much you would be here to stay
You may lay in heaven now,
but you will never go away
I took you home to have and love
To sit and watch you grow and play
The amount of love you gave to me
There was no way to know
As the years went by and memories grew our love kept getting stronger and we both new it was true
True love I will miss you until we meet again our ove can not be broken you are my best friend
Last night you went to sleep never to see the dawn the pain has stopped you Rest In Peace
My heart is broke. But will get better with time I know your not really gone
Little one please wait for me I will be with you when I can
Please let there be a heaven so I can have your licks again

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