Just a little history of how we got Saku. As a child I couldn’t have any cats as pets due to allergies. Many years later, now an adult, I was visiting a friend and she had Bebe, a beautiful dark gray female cat. I realized that my allergies were not as bad. I told my friend that if her cat ever gets pregnant and in the litter there is a kitten that is the same colour as her, I will adopt him/her. Well Bebe got pregnant and had her litter on October 9, 2007. One of the kittens was the same colour as her. It was a little boy, the runt of the litter. I told my friend that when he is ready I want him. He came home with my husband and I, we decided to call him Saku. I had tucked him in my coat, to keep him warm as he was so tiny. He was my first fur baby. I still remember his little squeaks when he couldn’t find us. He grew up very fast and became very strong and big. You would never know that he was the runt. He was quite the character. He really didn’t like hugs but still leaned into me. He was diagnosed with cancer in December 2019, 6 months later he told me that he was ready in his own way. He took his last breath on June 4th, 2020. He is now at peace. We love you Saku, you will always be in our hearts.

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  1. Mon Beau Saku . Your sisters Precious and Mistique miss you . Especially Precious who often looks for you wondering where is Saku ? She was lost without you the first few days. But has gotten better.

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