Princess “Booboo”

To our beautiful Princess,

All of your life, you were so independent, feisty, talkative, loving and so cuddly. Sometimes you were stubborn and got into trouble; when mommy and daddy would tell you “no”, you would talk back and it sounded like “meh, meh!” which always made us laugh! We will forever cherish all the times when we would play with paper balls, foil balls and those white seal caps found under juice lids. You would bounce off the walls and jump SO high when we played! You would even play baseball; we would throw a paper or foil ball and you would bat it! You were really good at it too! At night, you would sleep on our pillows. You made us laugh so much, everyday! We will forever cherish us cuddling on the couch. How you always had to have one paw touching mommy, and sometimes your claws would make holes in my pants but I didn’t mind because cuddling with you meant more to me than holes in my pants. We miss hearing you meow loudly and dramatically for treats and how if you saw the bottom of your food bowl, you would meow even louder for more food because eating the food on the side of the bowl was a no-no! You always made us laugh, Princess. You brought us so much joy, laughter, love and comfort. You never judged, you always loved us unconditionally. We enjoyed every moment taking care of you the way you took care of us. You taught us what unconditional love is, you taught us patience, you taught us how to be silly and have fun even with just paper balls, you taught us how to love, you taught us so many wonderful things. You were such an amazing sister to Lexi – we absolutely loved watching you be so motherly with her – it was cute watching a cat and a husky form a beautiful, special and loving bond; your sister misses you. You have and always will mean the world to us, booboo. We are so thankful and grateful to have had 21 beautifully amazing and loving years with you.

We loved you your whole life and we will miss you for the rest of ours. We will see you on the other side of the stars. We will meet at the rainbow bridge, okay? We love you forever and always, booboo!

Love always,
Mommy, Daddy and Lexi

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