We lost Patches on April 1/2018. She was born on April 27/2004. We had lots of fun with her over the years which helps us now deal with her loss. We will always love her and will never forget her. For the first ten years she never had a problem but her last four years they were difficult medical wise. Thank you to Dr. Keegan at Nor-Ont Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Armstrong at Martindale Animal Hospital for your compassion. Love you lots. Alex, Helen and Sean.

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  1. We would like to thank Memory Gardens for looking after our baby dog Patches Nepitt after she passed away. Giving us her paw prints and a lock of her hair along with her ashes was very comforting to us. We are grateful that this service was available when we needed it.
    Also, We would like to thank Dr. McKeegan and Dr. Armstrong for looking after all of our puppy dogs over the years.
    Patches and our puppy dogs and little friends will always be in our memories and hearts forever.
    Some day we will be reunited with Patches and all our puppy dogs and little friends. One year later the pain is still there but the memories keep us going.
    Thanks to all our puppy dogs and little friends who made our lives much better.

    Love you lots and miss you. Alex, Helen and Sean Nepitt.

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