My beautiful Mika, you are forever missed. Thank you for your companionship and all of the happy moments you have brought us. Love you forever my little lady. xx

5 Comments on “Mika”

  1. Mika,
    What a beautiful cat you were You are dearly missed by your family You will always be remembered Gone but not forgotten 🌟

  2. You were such a gorgeous cat Mika You will be missed by your family and they will cherish the memories forever 🌟❤️

  3. Elle était vraiment mignonne, la Mika ! Puisse tous les bons souvenirs que tu as eu avec elle te réchauffe le coeur, ma belle Caro. Ly et moi sommes avec toi en pensé pour t’aider à supporter le fardeau de la peine.

    Gros gros becs

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