MIA Nov 8, 2004- Sept 20, 2020

Mia “Girl” our Baby our Everything. It breaks our hearts to announce that our precious Mia has passed away Sunday Sept 20; she was one tough girl and lived a long happy life. We knew this day would come and it was difficult to imagine our lives without her but we made sure we doubled up on her snuggles and stole extra kisses.
We adopted Mia 15 years ago and from that moment on she captured our hearts and we knew we were committed for life, she wasn’t just our loyal companion she was our unconditional love. Mia was a calm affectionate dog who loved her baths, boat rides, her birdie, treats, and her mom and dad even more.
Even though we know Mia had a long peaceful life losing her has left a void in our hearts. We know that someday the pain of losing our baby will only bring us pleasant memories that we will treasure forever, but for now we are missing her deeply and life won’t be the same without her.

We love you Mia forever and always.
Mommy, Daddy and your Sisters

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