Today is a sad day. I said goodbye to my cat of 19 years, half of my life so far! For most of my friends, think about when you got your license to drive and all the things that have happened to you since then. Kali has been with me through 7 moves, part of high school and all of college, 10 jobs (part and full time), the death of my father, the birth of both children, the loss of one and countless other events. She used to rip paper out of printers when they moved, chew on cardboard and howl at night like we were keeping her in from a wild night on the town. She was content to lay across my shoulders while I worked. She loved carrots like they were catnip and hated my sister as if she was a dog. Her favorite place to sleep was on my lap while I read but sleeping on dirty laundry on the floor was a close second. She had radioactive treatment that extended her life by 8 years and I am grateful to the vet and my sister who suggested it as she got to be in Sarah and Evan's life. The first time I took her out of the Humane Society's cage, she licked my nose a few times and bit me so hard I teared up. Love at first bite. The last time I saw her I cried uncontrollably without shame. She was more than just a cat and I needed to share that. I lost my friend today.