I knew this day would come, and dreaded it for quite a while..January 24th,2024. was one of the hardest days, I put to rest my Bear after 20 years of unconditional love. I was 13 when Bear came into my life, he was a godsend. My close neighbor Mike at the time his cat was pregnant, I said if Princess had a black male cat that would be mine. Mike gave me first pick and his Princess had one black male cat with the most beautiful piercing green eyes and one unique personality. I was in a really bad place in my life and Bear was my Angel, as sad as it is that cat gave me something to live for and saved my life. I brought him home and hid him in my room from my parents, my mom heard meowing and instantly accepted him and said well talk to your father.. I told my dad to close his eyes and hold his hands open and when he opened his eyes I knew it was love at first sight with an awww and tear filled eyes I knew this was MY CAT. Bear touched many lives and broke many hearts with his passing.. I have many joyful memories and I will hold them in my heart till I either can't remember anymore or my dying day. My heart is shattered but I know he is happy and at peace. I promised Bear from the beginning, God forbid I would never let him suffer and I kept my word. I know he is with me and he will always be.. Funny how things happen, I gave birth to my son on 11/23/22. @ 29 weeks 3.6 lbs. Now he is doing amazing and 23lbs... Its almost like he waited for me to be complete before he left me. It was Bears time I truly believe that..This will get better with time.. Love you my CareBear forever, till we meet again..❤️ 💐🕊