Dixie, (aka Ladybug, Dixie-Doodle, Miss Muppet) passed away peacefully with her two dads by her side on Friday December 14, 2018, almost making it to 14 years old. Dixie came into our lives from the Timmins Humane Society when she was just a few months old in 2005. She was everybody’s friend and the sweetest, kindest dog to young children and to seniors. She will be cremated and her dads will spread her ashes in the Hersey Lake trails which was Dixie’s favourite place to be a dog. She is missed by her Papa Pierre and Daddy Tyler, and her 17 year old cat-brother Prowler.

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  1. Sorry for your loss. My partner and I also dealt with the passing of our beloved dog Patchet, who pass away on October 15 – 2018. His memorial is also on here He was our world. I can relate to what you guys are going through and it is not very easy. I just wanted to send my condolence to you guys. Hope your doing well under the circumstance.

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