Little Bingley

Thank you Memory Gardens for taking care of our little Bingley. He will forever be missed.


Thank you so much ! Tyra was the most amazing dog, best friend ,and daughter I will ever have. She was my world. I miss everyday waking up with her. We did so much that whole 8 years R.I.P. Tyra. Oct 30 2007 – Jan 15 2016. Love U


Winnie was very brave during her 2 year illness! She was a sweet little girl and is terribly missed. Thank you to Memory gardens for showing us compassion during our sad time. She has left forever footprints in our hearts. — at Lake Wanapitei


In loving memory of our furry son JD. You had us well trained sweet boy. Miss the funny things you do. We would like to thank the amazing staff at the Walden Animal Hospital for JD’s care


In memory of Vlad. He was the best. Thanks to the staff for all their hard work. Memory Gardens Pet Crematirium is the best place to go when you need the help they offer when the time comes.


In memory of Gizmo, we would like to thank the staff at the Walden Animal Hospital and Memory Gardens for their compassion and kindness. Special thanks to Kari and Dr. Jennifer Gander for taking such good care of Gizmo for the past two years. We will be forever grateful.


Think about you everyday Zoose


In memory of our beautiful girl! We miss you a lot, Buttons!


Thank you Memory Gardens and Dr. Neil, for helping us through a very difficult day. RIP our Lacey and her son Charlie


Thank you Memory Gardens for helping us keep our beloved Charlie close to us.


On Tuesday at 1 :43am, we said our goodbye to our beautiful 15 year old rescue Miley. We hugged her and kissed her and cuddled her with her favorite blankie … just didn’t want to let her go alone. She’d look up at us occasionally to let us know she knew we were there, knowing she wasn’t alone.


My best friend Singer October 8,2012-September 11,2015


Are beloved Buster, Has passed, my best friend until we meet again.


Our beloved Tysha, Has come and gone, My best friend , will be mist until we meet again.

Bear St. Louis

Our dear Bear passed away in 2002. She was 8 years old. She had a stomach tumor which was cancer. She has gone over the rainbow bridge and is waiting for me. We loved her so much. She was my child with fur. I miss her fur in my house. Rest and play in peace my little girl.


In memory of Myla who passed on February 3rd, 2016. Dr. Nicole Baran and her staff did the most wonderful and compassionate deed of transitioning Myla to Rainbow Bridge. Myla was a sweetheart who loved her treats and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. She was adopted at 15 years old and lived to be 21 years old


It was one hard day on February 04 2016 at 5 pm we lost a friend a family member that we love always. Milo suffered diabetes and was blind for two year but his illness was to had to keep him here with us, so we want to say to our old fella rest in peace now and you are … Read More

Sweet Naala

Nala was our sweet girl for just 2 months shy of 12 years. She was gentle and beautiful. She hid her illness from us to the very end being outside on Sunday playing with her best buddy Nikko and enjoying being outdoors with her human friends.


Morgan : Born Jan 08 – April 29, 2016 Morgan was my little monkey i would call him always climbing all over the couch. or the coffee table to get my attention. He was adored by everyone he came into contact with. He was a father of 4 pups, and leaves this world too soon. We fought a good fight

Abbey in the Snow

There is a cycle of love and death that shapes the lives of those who choose to travel in the company of animals. It is a cycle unlike any other. To those who have never lived through its turnings or walked its rocky path, our willingness to give our hearts with full knowledge that they will be broken seems incomprehensible

Beautiful Buddy

Buddy came into our lives in the year 2000. He was roughly 2 years old. It was love at first sight. He was a little aloof but we gave him his space and soon he was sleeping wrapped around my head. Buddy loved to lay in front of a heater.


Unlike my other cats, you chose us rather than us choosing you. You came to us on a chilly September evening. You were hungry and cold and you knew which house to go to fulfill your needs. Your original owners had abandoned you by moving without you. We let you into our home and into our hears for 16 wonderful … Read More


You will ALWAYS be in our hearts and with us in spirit. Words cannot express how thankful i am that i got to be your Mom. Until we meet again. Your family loves you and i’m sure you know


Gone for a run with Vegas and Hunter. RIP my Chucky boi


We love you and miss you every day, my boy thank you for being such a good boy, we are proud of you. Thank you for visiting your mama to show that you can now walk on all four legs. Love you and you will never be forgotten.


Tigger Witty (October 2, 2004 – July 17, 2017): Tigger’s battle with cancer over the last 16 months taught ME so much about facing adversity with grace & dignity and sacrifice in the name of love. He was my gentle giant, a 20 lb marbled Bengal with a sweet disposition to match his glorious exterior.

Tanner Beautiful Girl

It is with sad hearts that Tanner passed in my arms on Monday October 23rd at the age of 13 yrs..we will miss her dearly..I can not thank the staff enough at Memory Gardens for their support and compassion in my time of need..thk you Roc for your help when I could not let go and also to Heather


In loving memory of my beautiful companion Maya who really taught me what unconditional love is all about RIP MAYA no matter where I go you will always be in my heart.


September 8, 2017 will forever be one of the most difficult days of my life. Today, I had to say goodbye to my princess, my sweetheart, my baby girl, Mya. I will miss my homework buddy, my tv buddy and my cuddle bunny. Mya loved to hunt, to eat ( steak, potatoes and timbits) but most of all loved her


On Wednesday, November 15th we lost a family member! We lost our wiggle bum. (Ginger)


In memory of Thor who we lost unexpectedly. `Mar. 2007 to Jan. 2018` Miss you so much.


This is our Fur Baby Piper. Mar 2006 to Jan 2018. She is no longer in pain and is resting peacefully. Piper was well loved and will be truly missed by everyone who came in contact with her. We love and miss you very much.


Lost my sweet boy Bruin way to soon. Miss you forever and always. 2014 – 2018.


My beautiful girl, Lexi.