Our zoey battled cancer like a trooper, she will forever be our sunshine.


Balzac, you were my first fur baby. The perfect sidekick; we did everything together. Hiking on trails, swimming in the Atlantic. Car rides to nowhere…You lived every minute of your life with unconditional love. I miss you my baby boy. I’m glad that we had almost 16 years together so that I could know your loyalty and love. Rest easy. … Read More


We lost our beloved Stewie suddenly and it’s been the hardest moment of our lives. He had an amazing life and left us at the young age of 2. He had such a personality and was so sweet and lovable. He loved his little sister, being held, cuddles, kisses and bananas. Our hearts are broken. We love you our sweet … Read More


it’s with heavy hearts that Our dearly Baby Rosie has crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday our hearts are shattered she will be deeply missed and all of her snuggles rest easy baby girl we love you to the moon and back


Our sweet girl for 16 years. The best birthday present a girl could ask for!


Jolene Sunshine Sauve 2011-2021 She was very precious to us. We will never ever forget about you. Thank you for all the joy you brought and love in our lives. We will miss your cuddles. Always and forever Jojo ♥

Princess “Booboo”

To our beautiful Princess, All of your life, you were so independent, feisty, talkative, loving and so cuddly. Sometimes you were stubborn and got into trouble; when mommy and daddy would tell you “no”, you would talk back and it sounded like “meh, meh!” which always made us laugh! We will forever cherish all the times when we would play … Read More


Smokey was an older cat, who we didn’t get enough time with, and wish we had met sooner. He was a great source of entertainment, empathy, cured our anxieties, listened to our stories and gave us as much love as we gave him. We miss him so much. Thank you to Memory Gardens, for the service, the urns and for … Read More


I am forever grateful for your starring role on my life stage. Until we meet again, old friend


Our girl Ona, saying goodbye to you was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. You and your sister have been the light of our lives and we will never forget you. You were so full of life, always looking for the next adventure. Your love was unconditional and we could always depend on you for … Read More


Misty was a much loved Therapy Dog and brought smiles to everyone she met❤️🐾🐾She was taken from us far too soon😢😢


Our Sweet girl hunny 2004 – 2021 who brought us happiness and unconditional love. May you Rest In Peace mommy’s Hunny Bunny ❤️. I love you forever and always.


Gibson, your sudden and unexpected passing has left us heartbroken. You didn’t have a long life and we didn’t have you for very long but in the short time we had you, you brought so much joy to our lives. You will be greatly missed.


To our beautiful old soul George, our gentle angel, our hearts ache to the core. You were taken from us in such a tragic way, ware in disbelief you are no longer by our side. Our beautiful blue teddy, you had so much grace, so much love to give. We want to believe you are still here but you are … Read More


Chairman was the sweetest cat who warmed the hearts of everyone she met with her unconditional love. We met at the SPCA 13 years ago when I was just eighteen. She crawled up my leg and into my arms and I knew then that I couldn’t leave without her. Even in her last moments she cared for me more than … Read More


It is with great sadness that we needed to put our beloved dog to rest on April 7th, 2021. Ben was such a great dog and he blessed all our hearts with all of his love and kindness. He was the perfect dog for our family. The 14 years of funny cute Ben will make us smile when we think … Read More


Our Sweet Angel Mia 2008-2021, who brought us many years of unconditional love and loyalty, may you Rest in Peace over the Rainbow Bridge.

Patches Nepitt

Patches was a good dog full of life and we are grateful to have had her as long as we did. She was born on April 27/2004 and went to sleep on April 1/2018. We have had a heavy heart since her loss. Patches and our other puppy dogs and animals friends made our lives much better. We hope to … Read More


we miss you every day my friend… the house is so empty and quiet without you. i miss your loyalty, your energy and your overall beautiful personality .


Kodie was loved by everyone who met him. He loved hunting as he was an outdoor (18 lbs) tabby. His health declined in Jan/2021. RIP Feb.1/2021.


She was my friend, my partner, my defender, my dog. I was her life, her love, her leader. She was my , faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart. I owed it to her to be worthy of such devotion”. My heart breaks Molly but the only comfort I have now is knowing you are with your … Read More


Buddy was my best friend. I miss you every day. The house is so empty without you. Buddy passed away Thursday January 28th 2021. It was the hardest day. Buddy was 13 1/2 years old. Buddy loved his treats, his walks and his car rides. And spending time with us. You are back home with us Buddy. I love you … Read More

Caliber Massie/Lausch

Caliber, the moment you left me my heart split in two, one side filled with memories, the other side died with you. I often lay awake at night when the world is fast asleep, and take a walk down memory lane with tears upon my cheek. I know you still watch over me, I heard you the first night you … Read More


I had you for 17 years of my life, and I still wasn’t planning on saying goodbye to you. You’ll be missed Timmy, love fly high April 20, 2004 – January 24, 2021


Duke was a very calm, kind and gentle dog. He was always by my side. He loved his walks with his best friend Adele. He loved his treats and enjoyed his kisses from Adele. He will be missed by us every day. It was very emotional saying good bye. My son painted a picture of Duke. I won’t forget you❤🐕


Our sweet baby boy Apollo, we were so lucky to have you for 16 + years. You gave it your best and even took on diabetes twice, only the second time you didn’t go into remission and developed heart disease and chronic pancreatic inflections . You even let us put on a sensor to test blood sugars without pricking you. … Read More


In memory of my dog Chevy, the most loyal dog you could ever have. He will be dearly missed.


Miss you everyday my boy. Wait for us at Rainbow iBridge where we will be reunited again. Luv mummy daddy Cam Matt and your pet brother Crosby.


Ginger may not have been with our family for long but she took a piece of our hearts with her. She was my best friend and she will be forever missed. I love you Ging.


You are definitely one of a kind and we love you for that. We miss you so much and hope you spend all you days running and playing with your ball. Love you Charger xox


The saddest moment is when the one that gave you the best memories… Becomes a MEMORY. You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.

Jazmin Smith

Jan.28,2007-Oct.30,2020 The most amazing soul I’ve ever had the privilege to come into contact with. To say we’ll miss you would be a grave injustice. Rest peacefully my girl-miss you forever🖤

Mavrik and Quinn

Mavrik and Quinn , Brothers, lost to Cancer 5 months apart “They walk beside us everyday, unseen and unheard, Always loved and forever dear”


In memory of our little buddy Madeus, who gave so much love and fun times, you certainly stamped your paws deep into our hearts. You were loved by us and many others. We miss you terribly. Now you are in a better place, can’t wait to see you again there in heaven. You have been one of our life’s greatest … Read More


Bella, my baby girl, you were loved very much and you will be missed very much. You were my best friend, my protector , my world my everything. It was so very hard to let you go. Now your in a better place and not be in so much pain. Now you can find your big sticks like you always … Read More


Bowzer O’Link-McAuley passed away on October 27th, 2020, after an agressive battle with cancer at 6 years old. Bowzer is now reunited with mom Lisa, while leaving behind his beloved family, Megan (2nd mom), Michael (2nd dad), sisters Tazzy and Sasha (canines). Bowzer was always happy. He loved spending time with his owners, playing with his siblings, and going for … Read More


Always in our hearts, we love and miss you little guy!!


We miss you Tacton. You were always so eager to do anything as long as you could be with us. You always go with us in our hearts. 2006-2020


Baloo was a great dog. Very majestic. We will miss you lots.


You will be missed 😢 💔 My Bud Bud 2011/2020.


2010-2020 Willow was an amazing companion and dearly loved. The house seems so empty since your passing. We miss you and love you xo

Heinekken Villa

Heinekken, you were not with us for very long and left us suddenly. We will miss you terribly. I hope you can run free and eat all the hay and carrots you want in paradise.


I would like to thank Memory Gardens for their quick and heartfelt service for our baby Bella, She had 11 wonderful and happy years with us and she is so unbelievably missed it hurts, we loved her so much,. We bought necklaces, my husband and I , and have some of her ashes in them, I will wear it always, … Read More


Ty I miss you terribly! You will always have a place in my heart! I will forever cherish the wonderful memories! You almost made it to 16 yrs old xo Oct 2004 – Sept 1 2020


If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever


Cara had a wonderful life, and I will treasure our precious moments we had together. She was a big part of my family and my furry companion. May she Rest In Peace. She was my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye. Thank you Memory Gardens for your exceptional service during this difficult time.


MIA Nov 8, 2004- Sept 20, 2020 Mia “Girl” our Baby our Everything. It breaks our hearts to announce that our precious Mia has passed away Sunday Sept 20; she was one tough girl and lived a long happy life. We knew this day would come and it was difficult to imagine our lives without her but we made sure … Read More


On September 10, 2020, our little Karma of 14 years old passed. For a Teacup Yorkie, what she lacked in size, she made up in personality. She was a great companion to both my parents and I know they welcomed her with open arms! Miss you little one!


From working to playing with the kids he was full of love to give. You were taken from us too soon we love and miss you my boy.


In memory of our sweet Bailey. You will forever be the floppy puppy that wrapped your paws around daddy’s neck the moment we met. There will never be another companion as loyal and loving. We will miss your thumping tail and bouncing greetings at the door every day for the last 13 years. May you have a mountain of pizza … Read More

Torque Wright

R.I.P. Your were my bestfriend for 13 years i love you buddy. Thanks for everything you did without knowing. Know your watching Dad up in Heaven.


Our Finnigan was brought into our home just over 11 years ago at only four weeks old; he was abandoned at birth and it was my and my family’s goal to give him a safe and loving home, like he deserved. He always loved to cuddle and walk through the shower whenever possible. He also loved snack time and would … Read More


Wendy, our beautiful Black Labrador has been with us for 13 years. Rest in peace, we miss you so much xoxoxo


Our sweet Baxter! Though your bright light in our lives has dimmed, it will always shine through our memories of you! You will n’ere be forgotten!


Sami Badour Aug 23 2008 to Aug 12 2020 Gone but Never Forgotten


Tucker your are deeply missed, Miss your cuddles at night, and your welcoming each day. Your buddy Oreo misses you too. You will never be forgotten and will always been in our hearts. ❤️


Chica A dear,sweet soul. Friend and companion , trusting and loving from the start. Nine wonderful years of adventures and serene quiet times you shared. Momma will sing our song for you. ♡Who’s the best little kitty in the whole wide world?♡ Rest easy now baby girl. Til we meet again ♥️ Momma


A life too short but well lived…many happy memories to remember and the gift of unconditional love and loyalty. RIP sweet girl❤️


Tu me manques tellement ma Bella. Court, court et court aussi tant que tu veux là haut! Belle fille Bella! xox


She was my, and my family’s, best buddy and companion for 13 beautiful, fun filled years


Maycee (grey, popcorn, dumbo) you will forever be my best friend. You were there when I needed a rock and never left my side when I needed it most. You gave me a purpose. From the day you were born to your final days you always had your interesting ways of showing your affection. I’ll never forget you. Definitely irreplaceable … Read More


We will always remember you Crystal. You are with Mama now. May she and you rest in peace


Your wings were ready but I wasn’t. You weren’t here for long but you left a footprint on my heart that will stay forever. April 25 2020 – June 17 2020


True Love was her name True love can not be lost it is with me every day I met you as a tiny pup I knew it right away that my heart was yours forever And if you love me just as much you would be here to stay You may lay in heaven now, but you will never go … Read More


True Love was her name True love can not be lost it is with me every day I met you as a tiny pup I knew it right away that my heart was yours forever And if you love me just as much you would be here to stay You may lay in heaven now, but you will never go … Read More


Miss you everyday. ❤️❤️


We rescued you 11 years ago. Really you rescued us. You filled a hole in our family that was missing. You were a very smart, loving girl that we definitely miss. Love you Blue. Run wild and free!

Jasper Davis

The sweetest and most loving dog ever! You were the best doggy sister to Bailey and had the greatest kids (Liam, Errol and Scarlett) who loved you from the very moment they met their “polar bear pup”! We Love You so much our Beebz 💞


My sweet little girl Holly passed away June 10 2020 if cancer at 11. 5 years old thanks to Memory Gardens Pet cremation she is now back home.

Harley “Wizowski”

We miss you so much “Wizowski” Thanks for a great 10 years our sweet boy ! Love you forever❤️ Nov 2009- Jun 2020


Tucker. you are very missed by mommy and daddy . We had a great 12 years. We love you! Spring your wings and fly baby!!! No more suffering! RIP! April1, 2008- June 12, 2020


TIA-MARIA NOVEMBER 16th, 2008-MAY 27th, 2020 Rest in peace baby girl. You left us way too soon and took a piece of our hearts with you! You made our lives whole and now there is emptiness all around us. Just know that nothing will ever be the same around here without you! We miss your endless cuddles and kisses, your … Read More


Just a little history of how we got Saku. As a child I couldn’t have any cats as pets due to allergies. Many years later, now an adult, I was visiting a friend and she had Bebe, a beautiful dark gray female cat. I realized that my allergies were not as bad. I told my friend that if her cat … Read More

Dexter “el Jefe” Humbert

Dexter you were one of a kind! The calmest, go anywhere, do anything chihuahua on the planet. As long as you were with me you were content. I will miss you for the rest of my life! Xoxo

Lord Angus LeBoeuf

Our sweet, wonderful, loving boy – oh, how we miss you. We were so very blessed to have had 11 fun filled years with you at our side. You were and will always be our fur-babe! Always with me, always with you.


Mee-Gwitch lived a long happy life with us, 15 years 8 months. He loved camping and sun bathing in the sun. I’m going to miss his crooked smile. Everytime I’ll eat watermelon and popcorn I will think of you. Love you always xox

Bella B

fly high baby bella, we will forever love and miss you👼🏻 We will take good care of your pink ball xo Love your family, Mom, Emily, Eriana, Elizabeth & Rocky


You are missed everyday – our golden boy!

🌞🐾🐕 Honey 🌈🍯💕

Honey 🍯 was a legendary little girl 👧🏼 with a huge heart ♥️ very beautiful and was fearless, we have lived together for 13 Amazing 😉 years , many wonderful adventures along the way, you comforted us, you loved us unconditionally and we adored 🥰 you, when mommy was sad 😔 you knew it and you cuddled up , and … Read More

Sierra ” Little One “

Sierra was 13 years old when she passed away on May 14 – 2020. Sierra was a wonderful addition to our family. We had Sierra for a short time. She made our home a better home. She was very strong willed. Sierra had a huge personality. She was a bit awkward but very adorable. She had a very unusual dance … Read More


my heart is still broken missing you is hard we had a good life together and we will meet again love you lots bryndal

Wilson Shank

We will miss you greatly. I never got tired of scratching / petting you while i was watching t.v. Cross the Rainbow Bridge to meet your Mama ( Maya ). She is waiting for you. Good bye my big friend.


My dearest Katie, Kiki , Katie cakes. My Katie lady. I miss you already and it’s only been hours. Thank you for the best 17 years of my life. Be at peace baby girl and go find mom.


I miss you so much Oakley! You were my good girl with the pretty ears! Rest In Peace with no more pain! Love mom

Angel Gagnon

In loving memory of our sweet Angel. We were blessed to have her with us for fourteen years. She will be missed by her human and canine family.


Our sweet baby girl Brandy. She will always be in our hearts.


Our home is not a “HOME” without our beautiful baby Boss. Boss passed away at home on March ,18 2020. At the young age of 8years. You will live on in our hearts forever. James,Lesie & Lincoln.


It is with great loss we announce the passing of our dog Booker on February 25 th 2020. He will be sadly missed by Terri-lyn Watkins , (mom) Maxime plante (dad) and his “kids” (Aliesha Watkins , Jayce Watkins, and Owen plante. ) Cheryl and Richard fecteau ( nana and papa). Also greatly missed by his best friend, co -owner … Read More


Our dear little Buie will be forever missed – forever remember. Love you Buie my baby boy. xo


Volunteering at pet save Schmidt ( known as mittens) was the first cat to approach me, I knew at that moment he was coming home with me. 9 years later unexpectedly he passed away in his favourite spot…. I’ll miss how miserable he was and his constant screaming at me to turn the tap on so he could drink. ❤️❤️❤️


Fido was born on March 15th 2007 and died on March 3rd 2020. He was a Dapple Dachshund. He was a strong little guy. With a Big Bark for a small dog. He loved playing with his red ball. He loved to eat, have his ears and belly rubbed. He loved to lay in the sun. He will be sadly … Read More


My beloved Jade was born in my bedroom on Marh 5th, 2005. She came to us with one blind eye and partial sight in the other. She was our special needs puppy! She filled our lives with much joy and laughter and was the life in our household! Parting with her on February 7th, 2020, crushed me. Our home will … Read More


KC, a special little girl that came into our lives and brighten each and every day with her special look that would brighten anyone day no matter what. We will miss you dearly and think of you every day knowing you are no longer here but your memories reminds us of you still being here with us. Thank you for … Read More


Zoey will be sadly missed by Kiana , Dominic, Zachary, Nathalie. Her dog friend Nova and Jersey will miss her also. Zoey was always full of life and always defended the children even when i would try to wake up kids she would not let me. R.I.P my girl 14 years old . She was a dear head chihuahua.


One year ago Keenan and I lost such a loving puppy who put a paw print on our hearts forever! Bella we miss you so much! We talk about you all the time as if you were still here doing all the crazy things you would be doing! We wish everyday you could have met your little sister Tessa, you … Read More


Our Mistee sadly left us on 22 Jan 2020. She had been with us for 15.5 years and was the best dog ever. So cuddly and full of love. We miss our princess….


We miss you so much Floyd💖❣💞 Sheera,Minnie Pink 🐕🐾 Mama&Dada😇


307 Kukagami Road


Our family isn’t the same without you, Z💔 May 11 2008 – Feb 2 2020