Bella Pilon

We say goodbye to the most gentle, caring, active, protective and loveable dog we ever had the privilege of knowing!
Bella was a rescue puppy of 3 month from a bad home and brought in and loved very much for the remaining 9 years by the Pilon family and friends.
Bella was always a spoiled dog when it came to her family wether it was going for 4-5 walks a day, getting all the treats possible, playing with tons of toys and she loved her squeekers, going to camp to run free and play in the water, getting wrapped up at bedtime so she wouldn’t get cold, going for tons of car rides or most of all just spending quality time with her family and friends. Bella will be missed by so many family and friends! You may be gone but you definitely won’t be forgotten girl! Hope doggy heaven is a blast for you! Love always the Pilon family xoxo

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  1. I’ll cherish the memories I had with bella weather it was her taking a poop while jamie took a picture of us or going for a walk across the bridge in onaping and her being afraid of the traffic or walking down 3rd ave in levack to a couple of fake porcelain lions in someone’s yard and bella barking nuts at them thinking they were real. Or the time we locked you in the dining room while Harley was over for a visit and you drooled all over the glass door just waiting to be let out to eat Harley lol Bella was one of a kind and will be missed dearly but I’m sure she is loving doggy heaven! Love you bella! Xoxo

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